How we think and feel inside affects how we express ourselves and relate to the world outside. 

Our mission at Inside Out is to help people live happier lives by teaching them how to reconnect with themselves and the world around them.
We want to give the next generation of young people the essential skills to develop awareness and compassion; to become more attuned to themselves and to shape the world they inhabit in a more positive way.

We place equal emphasis on adults, especially those who live and work with young people, instilling them with knowledge and skills to maintain healthy, trusting and fulfilling relationships.

Using a combination of mindfulness and simple yoga exercises we teach people how to untangle their thoughts, unwind their bodies and understand their emotions. This equips them with a toolbox of techniques and methods they can use every day to help them reach their full potential.
There are so many things trying to distract us every day: our friends, the internet, our phones, TV, Snapchat, Facebook - the list is endless.

We give our brains so much to think about that it’s no surprise our thoughts can just wander off all by themselves.
Learning how to stop, to focus, and untangle our thoughts can help reduce our daily stress and anxiety.

Recognising distractions and developing the ability to gently nudge our thoughts back into line can greatly improve our ability to concentrate. And to simply appreciate the world around us more.
Find out more about our Untangle course.
Taking time out of our day to slow down, to take a breath and have a stretch is so important. Our physical health and wellbeing have a big impact on our emotional health, and happiness.
We teach a combination of breathing exercises and gentle yoga postures. Don’t worry, no one will ask you to do a headstand.

Yoga has a multitude of benefits, from improving posture, coordination and muscle strength to relieving anxiety and reducing blood pressure. Learning how to relax is also a great way to increase your concentration and confidence.
Find out more about our Unwind course.
It’s perfectly normal to feel sad sometimes. It’s ok to get nervous or angry. And it’s great to feel happy.
Developing a better understanding of our feelings, where they come from and why we have them, is an important part of improving our emotional wellbeing and mental health.

By practicing different skills, techniques and exercises we can learn how to live with our thoughts. We can nurture the good ones; keep the bad ones in check, and prevent our feelings from overwhelming us.
Find out more about our Understand course.