We run a variety of courses that will show you how to untangle your thoughts; unwind your body; and to understand and control your emotions.
We work with young people to develop essential skills that can support them throughout their life.
We also work with adults who live and work with young people, instilling them with the knowledge and skills to maintain healthy, trusting and fulfilling relationships.

We believe that developing these skills can improve emotional, mental and physical health; enhance social skills, and provide people with a toolbox of techniques that can help them to reach their full potential.

All of our courses are designed for primary and secondary school ages as well as adults. As well as our standard courses we can create bespoke sessions to meet your specific needs.
UNTANGLE is designed to give you a greater understanding of how thought processes work and provide you with techniques to train your mind in order to make positive changes in your brain.
The focus is on developing mindfulness skills to enhance your wellbeing. Whether at home, in school or your workplace, we offer engaging and bespoke sessions, introducing you to mindfulness techniques designed to suit your lifestyle.
UNTANGLE is available as a single session or an ongoing weekly course.
UNWIND is where you learn different yoga practices to help you develop awareness of your body, both in stillness and in movement. Through exploring the physical form, we aim to encourage and nurture a greater sense of self.
These sessions are primarily physical. They focus on developing a healthy relationship with the body in a safe environment. This is achieved through breathing exercises, yoga postures and sometimes tea and chocolate!
UNWIND is available as a single session or an ongoing weekly course.
In UNFOLD, we take a deeper look at how our mind and body interconnect. Using the systemic approach, we examine specific concerns within the context of the relationships we have with ourselves and the world around us.
The systemic approach is a family based therapy that provides people with a safe, supportive environment where they can look at their experiences and the choices they make through different systems we live in, like family, society and culture.
UNFOLD is available as a single session or an ongoing weekly course.
UNDERSTAND provides a brief introduction into the work we do, explaining the purpose, research and current thinking on mindfulness and wellbeing.
It’s an opportunity to share the mindfulness principles with your organisation / workplace, or within other group environments, e.g. assemblies, INSETs and community meetings.
UNDERSTAND is available as a single session or an ongoing weekly course.